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General Terms:

The design, graphics, layout, and content of the website and bingo card PDFs is owned by Blazing Brains LLC and reproduction of any of these assets is prohibited, with the exception that you may print or copy your bingo card PDF for personal use. You may not edit your bingo card PDF or remove the ‘foodbingogame.com’ from the cards. You may not resell the PDF in either printed or digital formats. You may store your PDF for personal use, and you may share your printed or digital PDF with family and friends for their personal use. 

Any comments, feedback, or suggestions submitted by you to Blazing Brains LLC are non-confidential and Blazing Brains LLC has unrestricted use of these submissions, without providing any notice or compensation to you.

Purpose: Foodbingogame.com is to be used for entertainment purposes only. The site and game are not to be used as a diagnosis or treatment for any medical conditions. 

Users assume all liability for foods provided to players during the game and understand to screen any participants for food allergies or food sensitivities. Blazing Brains LLC will not be held liable for any medical complications resulting from interactive game play, including but not limited to food allergy reactions, foodborne illness, or choking.

Foodbingogame.com has not been approved or certified by authorities in any state or country to facilitate gambling. We cannot advise you on the legality of playing bingo in your country or state. You acknowledge that there may be penalties for running bingo games in certain jurisdictions. 

Availability: We reserve the right to modify or discontinue foodbingogame.com either temporarily or permanently, with or without notice. You agree that we will not be liable to you or any 3rd party for any changes, suspension or discontinuation of foodbingogame.com. Although our site is very reliable, there may be times when our site is down due to server issues or maintenance requirements. Blazing Brains LLC is not liable for any losses or damages resulting from downtime. Upon suspension or termination of the site, your rights to use any resources associated with www.foodbingogame.com will cease.

Refund Policy:

We do not offer refunds if you make a mistake designing your bingo cards or are not happy with them. We provide the free Sample pdfs, detailed Preview, Instructions & FAQ before purchase to help you avoid mistakes and to help you understand what you will receive in your PDF. Please read the Instructions, FAQ, and look at the free sample PDF before you create and purchase your own custom cards, so that you understand the general concept and design. If you choose to duplicate foods on your bingo cards, there is a good chance that in some of your cards some foods might appear adjacent to the same food (ex. apple 🍎  next to apple 🍎 ). This won’t affect game play since the caller’s card will also have the same foods duplicated, and the chances of winning bingo will be the same. 

If you cannot download your PDF after purchasing, you will also receive a receipt and link in your email.

You agree to use a compatible web browser as outlined in our FAQ and understand that you will need to have access to a program that can open PDFs.

Blazing Brains LLC is not liable for any losses or damages resulting from printing errors. We recommend that you print a test page before printing your entire deck of bingo cards.

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