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Food Bingo began at a kitchen table in Austin, Texas when mom and naturopathic doctor Amy Tyler made a set of homemade food bingo cards to inspire her kids to try new foods. The game was very effective and her kids loved it! Within one hour, they were trying a variety of new foods without any coaxing. It was fun and easy, and she set about finding a way to share the game with other families. 

Through her work as a naturopathic doctor and her own experience as a mom, Amy understands how factors such as sensory processing issues, autism, ADHD, anxiety, and OCD may contribute to a narrow selection of preferred foods in some children. In addition, some children who are developing more typically may also be wired to be selective eaters. 

Games are a great way to help picky eaters try new foods, as they provide a different context for trying the food that creates less pressure for the child. 

Amy’s hope is that Food Bingo will help kids learn that trying new, healthy foods can be fun and delicious, and that parents will experience less struggles feeding their picky eaters. Food Bingo is a part of Amy’s broader mission to support kids and families through good nutrition. For more resources from Amy on fueling healthy kids, please visit the Blazing Brains website or connect through social media.

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